SANICEN, S.A.U. has carried out its activity in the sector for packaging, handling and distribution of gloves since 1986. The company has grown and evolved over time, working with the aim of providing our customers with the most comprehensive and up to date range and current of gloves like personal protective equipment and sanitary products with the most competitive prices on the market. SANICEN, S.A.U.’s management considers development of a Quality Management System at all levels of its organisation, based on standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001 UNE-EN-ISO 13485 and Security Protocol IFS HPC, to be essential. This is in order to ensure that our products and services, meet the quality and safety requirements established by the customer as well as in our process specifications, along with the laws and regulations that are applicable to our products and activities, as well as with other requirements to which the organisation subscribes, regarding environmental issues and hazards and occupational health and safety. The management, as the driving force and the first to be involved in quality, supports all staff in the maintenance and continuous improvement of the system, by also promoting responsibility towards the environment. The management expresses its permanent commitment and leadership, to drive the company’s policy in terms of quality, control processes, properly manage the human, material and financial resources available and evaluate, on an ongoing basis, the implementation and effectiveness of the Quality Management System. The Quality Policy is reviewed at intervals that are defined for its continued suitability. Our work must be based on the following main pillars:

  • Correct and precise definition of the procedures to be followed in all departments.
  • Correct definition of responsibilities, roles and relationships between all the staff that performs, manages and verifies any work that affects the Quality and Safety of the product.
  • Analysis of the deviations that may have occurred to learn from them and prevent their recurrence.
  • Attention in meeting the customer’s requirements, needs and expectations.
  • Definition and compliance of all legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our products and services.
  • Focusing on continuously improving processes.
  • Having the necessary infrastructure (buildings, machines and equipment) to achieve compliance in the requirements of our products.
  • Offering customers a quality service, within the agreed deadline, maintaining appropriate confidentiality and respecting the privacy of their data, adopting an honest attitude and having procedures available to deal with suggestions and claims.
  • Effectively and efficiently managing, reconciling its business activity while exercising its responsibility in safety, ethics, labour, environmental and social issues.
  • Awareness and motivation of the Company’s staff and co-workers, about the importance of introducing and developing a Quality System.
  • Continuous training required of all our workers for the correct development of all activities, both productive and business.
  • Select partners that offer a high quality service to our customers, ensuring compliance with the established requirements.
  • Satisfaction, well-being and suggestions of the employees,  will be taken into account in the activities carried out by SANICEN, SA.
  • Analyse the expectations of all the stakeholders of our Management System and take steps to achieve them.
  • Analyse the risks and opportunities related to our activities and take measures accordingly to ensure continuous improvement while taking into account this approach.
  • Align the strategic objectives and Integrated Management System to therefore ensure the commitment of the management and the rest of area managers.

In order that this Policy can be met, which will be at the disposal of the parties concerned, it is essential to have the cooperation of all the staff, who must know, comply with and be convinced of the need to optimise customer service, through a constant effort for improvement. Through its Quality Management System SANICEN S.A.U. wants to demonstrate to its customers and other stakeholders, its concern and commitment to quality and to attain a future guarantee that only competitive, sustainable organisations at the forefront of the market can offer.

Signed: Carlos Tenorio Hernández


Managing Director


Ed.11. June 2020

 Certificate ISO 9001


C/Velázquez, s/n

Polígono Industrial Mariola

45511 HUECAS (Toledo) SPAIN

Apdo, Correos, 72

+34 925 78 44 59 | +34 925 78 44 78 | +34 925 78 41 37 | +34 925 73 04 64

+34 925 78 45 02 | +34 925 73 04 64

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